The plan: buy an iPhone 4 in Strasbourg

I’m looking for a new smartphone. My old one, a 5 years old Xda from my carrier O2 is loosing the memery and all phone numbers etc. all the time I forgot to load the phone. This is very cumbersome. So I decided to buy a new one, an iPhone. I will not buy it at the local carrier t-mobile and their very expensive contracts.

Costs at t-mobile:

  • Monthly rate: 59,95 * 24 months: 1438,80 €
  • 32 GB iPhone 4: 199,95 €
  • Service charge: 24,95
  • Price per minute: 0,29 € (when not t-mobile)

So where can I buy an iPhone else? I googelt a lot and first I thought I buy it in the Glattzentrum close to Zurich. But than I thought why should I buy it in a country which is not part of the EU and to pay value added tax for it at the border again. So I decided to look for countries which are part of the EU and sell iPhones without any sim-locks and hey I could buy it in France. Next month I have an appointment 50 km away from Strasbourg so I googelt again and than I found lots of sites which describes where you can buy it in Strasbourg. I found a good link to a shop locator of apple:

The page lists the following shops for Strasbourg:

  • FNAC Srasbourg
    La Maison Rouge – 22, Place Kléber
    Tel:  (+33) 03 88 52 21 21
    Tagged as an Apple shop
    14BIS, Rue de la Mesange
    Tel: (+33) 03 88 22 78 87
    Tagged as a premium reseller
    18 Quai St Nicolas
    Tel: (+33) 03 88 25 84 88

A car park is next to Place Kléber:

  • Vincie Park Services
    24 Rue du Fossé des Tanneurs
    (+33) 03 88 23 14 30

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